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Nicole Lebrasseur

CEO / Director

Nicole Lebrasseur is a dynamic and strong advocate for social reform for both the First Peoples and Canadians alike. With a background in pharmaceutical market research she was able to become a leader in pioneering the world’s first strategically branded and financially sustainable private health care model with an emphasis on wellness programs, infection controlled environments, Food Safety and education.

Nicole’s forward thinking and vision resulted in developing and creating a state of the art system in Infection Control Health Care, combining the best of private and not for profit health care, with a focus on “pay it forward” communities. Her common sense solutions to healthcare standards, safety, service and delivery is revolutionary.

Her research skills have afforded her the opportunity to uncover many deceptions shared with the Canadian people and Original people. Recognizing the power belongs with the people, through a Direct Democracy model. Nicole is not only an advocate for political decolonization, but has spent much of the last 8 years creating and building her practical and common sense message.

The past year has enabled her to bring clarity within multiple democratic and sustainability solutions such as a Citizen’s convention of Consent to self determination and self governance that would establish all peoples of Canada to become the official shareholders and final decision makers in Canada ” Turning Taxation into Dividends along with the team and forming the Non Profit “Canadian Peoples Union , Freedom 2017”. She has also implemented the Direct Democracy School ready for implementation in all Canadian communities.

She is a strong proponent of honouring and implementing the Kahswentha /Two Row Wampum Treaty and the Great law, connecting Canadians and the Original People of Turtle Island in unity, in spite of the preferred Globalization direction that the present government is presently implementing with the United Nations agendas which remove all Canada’s and Indigenous Sovereignty in exchange for Global Governance.


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