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Barb Garlow


Barb Garlow brings her gifts as Medicine Woman, Cayuga language teacher and Faith Keeper of The Lower Cayuga Longhouse to her role as Director with CPU. She honors the Great Law, White Roots of Peace and Longhouse teachings. Barb is from the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

Her quiet demeanor, eldership, generosity, kindness and devotion to her community, its children and longhouse has been a huge blessing not just for those in her life, but also to our education regarding our Canadian Governance and the traditional governance of her people.

Through the help of her and many others, it had become clear that there was a need to draft the Canadian Citizen’s Convention of Consent document. A solution to address our broken Canadian governance system. One that both the North American First Peoples of Turtle Island and Canadians can be proud of and benefit from allowing us to finally and truly move forward.

Her shared knowledge, love and devotion for all life as well as honoring the Two Row Wampum Treaty has enabled us to see the importance, as Canadian citizens, of honoring our mutual agreements and words before the past can be healed on both sides of the Two Row Wampum Treaty.

Without her guidance and the help of many others like her, we would not have been able to co-create the one solution that, once implemented, can benefit all the people locally, nationally and globally.



This is a tribute to Barb Garlow and Barbara Henry for their wisdom, kindness, teachings and patience they have and still bestow upon us.



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